Nathaniel James Productions


I am a digital artist, video editor, and music composer specializing in VFX/3D art, digital art, soundtrack production and video editing.

I have been composing music for seven years. I have been editing videos and photos professionally for brands and businesses for five years. I have a lot of experience behind the camera and in post-production using movie grade techniques to create that signature cinematic look used in movie trailers.

Coming from a family of indie authors and writers (and being a writer of fiction myself), I have a passion for books, especially indie books. I have seen a lot of book covers and book trailers throughout the years and it inspired me to help authors bring their vision to life.

I want to help indie authors to level the playing field. I believe that now more than ever is a time for authors to create their stories and show the world that indie fiction can be just as good if not better than major motion pictures.