Custom Book Covers


People say don't judge a book by it's cover. Everybody does.
Your cover needs to stand out and grab your readers' attention, compelling them to open that book and see what's inside.
I'm Nathaniel James. As a book cover and illustrator who's also an author, I'm passionate about crafting book covers that not only stand out from the crowd, but deeply resonate with the reader, promting them to turn that first page. All at an affordable price.
With a wide variety of skills in different digital art mediums, I harness the power of 3D art, vector art, raster and photo manipulation to create captivating visuals that draw readers in at first glance.


E-book Cover: $350

+ Paperback (adds spine and back cover): $75
+ Audiobook cover: $25
More about my process as a cover designer:
I can 3D model characters from scratch, craft objects that are unique to your story in any angle, design vehicles from sailboats to spaceships and create emersive background scenes in various styles.
What makes me unique to other designers is my ability to use digital art to emulate any art style such as watercolor, cartoon, classic inked, anime; you imagine it, I can make it. With vector graphics, I design iconic logos titles, then render them in 3D with detailed textures and lighting to give it an extra boost of quality and class.
With years of experience with with photo manipulation and am able to realistically blend images into one scene, giving the artwork cinematic shading, matching color schemes and techniques used in movie posters to create an artwork that feels coherant and official.
Things I won't Do:
No Horror/Paranormal