In addition to my freelance work, I am also an author of speculative fiction, complete with illustrations and original music. I mostly tend to write fantasy and science fiction, with many projects airing and in the works. Here are some of my Story Projects:

Unbegotten Tides:

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"Unbegotten Tides" is a viking portal fantasy I write, illustrate and compose original music for. With artwork inspired by the likes of Legend Of Korra and music inspired by The Legend Of Zelda, new chapters are released

Certified Heroes:

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Certified Heroes is my upcoming superhero webcomic bringing the genre back to its roots and focusing on fun, moral, clean superhero adventures in a stylized, slick fashion akin to Young Justice and early MCU. I am releasing short stories leading up to the release of the webcomic on

As an author, I have many projects and ideas in the works, many that I have already released artwork for. If you're curious, check out my Future Projects and Spin-offs.