Cinematic Book Trailers


Cinematic Movie-Grade Book Trailers Now Affordable For Indie Authors
When you purchase a book trailer from Nathaniel James Productions you will stand out from the crowd. We use the tried-and-true methods used in major motion pictures to excite readers and inspire them to buy your book.

Have you ever watched a book trailer and been left wondering what you were supposed to do next?
Or you even didn't know it was advertising a book until the very end?
Have you tried to put together a book trailer, but it didn't turn out like what you imagined?
Those days are over.
Introducing Book Trailers Re-Invented
My book trailers solve these problems by telling potential readers that it is a BOOK trailer right away and adding a call to action with the end screen with links to all places to buy your book. I've analyzed thousands of movie trailers and created the perfect formula to sell your story!

This changes book trailers from a poor imitation of movie trailers to a new medium which is fully-immersive, cinematic book trailers.

My book trailers will help you to connect with readers with:
Semi-custom Original Soundtrack
You will be able to pick a mood from my library of book trailer soundtracks and I will compose a custom melody for your book trailer. All of the music is original and composed by me.

Professional Voiceover
You have the option of a male or female voiceover recorded with professional equipment (no echo!) and edited to give it the iconic trailer voice sound.

CGI / Special Effects
I use the same 3D modelling software that is used in major motion pictures to create 3D animated characters, backgrounds, spaceships, visual effects and anything else you need to bring your story to life.

Custom spaceship or space station for Science Fiction authors +$50
I can create a custom spaceship or space station based on your specs.

Cinematic Excerpts From Your Book
Highlight your most striking sentences from your story with video illustrations.

Excerpts From Reviews
Most readers say they will buy books when they are recommended by other readers. Include the best sentences from your reviews in cinematic typography.

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Buy a Cinematic Book trailer for $150

About Nathaniel James
I am a digital artist, video editor, and music composer specializing in VFX/3D art, digital art, soundtrack production and video editing.

I have been composing music for seven years. I have been editing videos and photos professionally for brands and businesses for five years. I have a lot of experience behind the camera and in post-production using movie grade techniques to create that signature cinematic look used in movie trailers.

What You Can Expect:
After you purchase your book trailer, I will send you a list of questions so I can get to know your book.
I will schedule a one hour video conference, phone call or online chat to discuss your vision.
I will have you fill out my Book Trailer Questionnaire to create your book trailer script.
Next I will have you pick out your favorite soundtrack from my library of pre-made trailer soundtracks. I will add a custom melody to make the soundtrack unique to your book trailer.
If you have purchase the custom spaceship or space station add on, I will work with you to bring your spaceship to life.
I will send you a preview of your book trailer. You will get three additional changes to tweak minor details or text.
If you want to tweak the book trailer further, you have the option to make an unlimited number of changes at my hourly rates of $50/hr as an additional charge.
Once you approve the final trailer, I will send you the book trailer in .mp4 format at 1080p.
Click the buy now button to get a book trailer that will excite your readers and inspire them to buy your book!