Music Composition

As a freelance music composer with over 10 years making music for commercials, radio ads, online interactive novels and more. my passion lies in the art of crafting soundscapes that evoke powerful emotions and help bring stories to life. With a diverse skill set spanning various music genres, I enjoy the challenge of taking on a completly new genre for each project from orchestral to edm to mariachi tango (seriously). My expertise in sound design and synthesis allows me to create rich, layered compositions that captivate listeners and transport them to different worlds. Listen to some of the diverse range of tracks I have composed:

When it comes to composing, the most important thing to me is melody, I believe it is the key to whether a soundtrack connects with your audience or not. While sound design is something I put a lot of thought into as well, without a good melody, the song won't connect with the listener or stay in their head. So many soundtracks these days either have too vague melodies or none at all, but I like to take inspiration from the golden age of composers like John Williams and Alan Silvestri, spending meticulous time to craft a melody that reflects each character and theme, resonating with the listener on a deep level.

I am the composer and illustrator for the viking-themed fantasy series Unbegotten Tides which has an online version that allows readers to play the various songs while reading each chapter on desktop or mobile. I put a lot of thought into creating the various themes for the characters, settings and scenes, and there are more chapters and music still coming out.

My rate is $40 per hour. I am also open to fix price contracts depending on length of the tracks and complexity. Click here to get a qoute!