Future Projects and Spin-offs

As an author, I have many projects in the works that you will see me create artworks of or release bits and pieces of leading up to the final release. Many of these projects will come in the form of various mediums, like webcomics, video games, audio novels. Here are some of the work-in-progress story projects I have in works:

Spin-offs of current projects:
Certified Heroes Spin-offs:
The Funtastic Techno-Cat: Years 1-3:
Michael S. says...
A prequel following the main character of Certified Heroes on day one of being a hero facing an entire rogues gallery of unique and iconic supervillains with a new sidekick. Evoking classic 00's Sunday morning superhero cartoons like Spectacular Spider-man while bringing new, exciting characters to the table.
Sasuke Chen: Scarlet Panda:
A spin-off of The Funtastic Techno-Cat: Years 1-3, this cyberpunk superhero story follows a detective superhero in the future streets of Little Tokyo.  Struggling with constant amnesia, our hero must learn to uncover his origin while defeating an entire rogues gallery of Japanese-inspired cyberpunk villains.
Solar + Luna: Eclipse:
The origin of my superhero duo Solar and Luna who have the ability to merge into one superpowered being; SolarEclipse. Set in Honolulu, Hawaii, this superhero has a more serious, mythological tone and features new villains and heroes like the aboriginal Australian wind-based speedster, SecondWind.
Rosa Vaquera & Eureka-Ranger:

A western superhero story following Mexican superheroine Rosa Vaquera and her steampunk locamotive-themed sidekick Eureka-Ranger. I'd like to think of this story as if Hispanic Batman teamed up with the Rocketeer during the western times. It's a wacky concept, but the result really works. With a whole rogues gallery of western villains and interesting plots, I could see this being adapted into a series of shorts.

Other WIP projects:


My first story and the one that means the most to me. Activators is what I like to dub a neon mecha superhero story. It's a sci fi epic set in a vast galaxy full of many fleshed-out civilizations, colorful characters with personal character arcs, different empires and orders, galactic battles and full of personal messages that mean a lot to me. It all surrounds an ancient piece of technology called an Activator Gauntlet (see above 3D model) that gives its wearer mechanical armor and special abilities.

The Frost Saga:

Probably my most intense and grim story. This dystopic sci-fi fantasy saga consists of three trilogies set in different times. When a cataclysmic event freezes the entire earth, humanity has to start over again thousands of years later. We get to follow countless characters in their personal journey in our planet's next medieval era and answer the question of if we can learn from our mistakes this time, or if we are doomed to fight the same wars again. One of my longest stories alongside Activators with multiple volumes, sequels and spin-offs.

Space Racer Series:

Michael S. says...

Set in a neon synthwave future reminiscent of the 80s, space travel is funded by grandiose space races that start from land in futuristic racecars called "Rovers" to the stars in enormous spaceships. But the races are only half the story. There are many galactic threats, mysteries and obstacles for the main characters to defeat, both internal and external. I plan to release this as a full-length animated show (see vehicle animation demo above).

Who Is Human:

Set in a cyberpunk neo-noir future, Who Is Human follows a time when androids that look and act just like humans roam the world. It's the classic cyberpunk set-up inspired by the greats like Issac Asimov with a shocking twist that turns the entire genre on its head.

Legend Of The Sixth Nation:

Michael S. says...

Legend Of The Sixth Nation is set in a world where every country is based off of a kung-fu animal form. This Asian-fantasy martial arts epic follows a team of knights that consist of a warrior from every country who work together to thwart all kinds of threats from evil emperors to villains who practice the forbidden mystic yokai arts. In this story, magic is inherently evil; the only magic you have is your skills in martial arts.


A stylized western following a misfit team of bounty hunters on various adventures. It's basically Cowboy Bebop but set on Earth during the 19th century. I can see this as becoming the plot of a western video game concept I have.

City Of Masks: Coming soon: Description coming soon.

Secrets Of Bellmount Manor: Description coming soon.

Lawyers In Space: Description coming soon.

These aren't all of my story ideas, but the ones I have worked on enough to consider serious projects. Check back, because I will certainly add more overtime.